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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is an example page where you can build a very easy to use FAQ using the Accordion slice.  You can also use the slices that are described on the example slices page and in the help videos.

Why do you need FAQs?

FAQs often reduce the amount of telephone and email questions you get asking the same things.

Is Pop-up Ecommerce only available with Paypal?

Off-the-shelf, yes!

We have chosen Paypal because it is the market leader in payment processing services and we wanted something that would suit as many use cases as possible.

Can your site integrate with another processor?

Yes! Your site is in Drupal, one of the most powerful website management systems on earth, it can be integrated with anything! There will be a customisation charge, but it can be done

Do I have to create products by hand?

The default setting for the site is that you create your products by hand. This is pop-up ecommerce remember!

However, if you have too any products you want to list then we do have a chargeable 'product load' service. In fact, this is Drupal in the I-ntarsia platform and we've integrated automated product loads and order processing into many ERP systems if you need to. The only thing you will need to do is pay for the service.

Is the management system difficult to use?

No! It's really easy. Here's a couple of screen captures showing the ENTIRE default management menu.